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Thank you so much for your interest 

Please read the following before ordering

January 2024 update:

1. We are a new and small company that makes Glides in batches as they are ordered. We're switching to a new manufacturing process that will hopefully let us have Glides in stock, but as a result of that transition the current wait time on new orders is a few months. Will update as more info develops, or feel free to email with any questions.

2. The newly revealed "Drum Mode" AND "Chord Mode" will be on every new Glide that is shipped from here out. If you've already bought a Glide but haven't received it, this mode WILL be on your Glide. Plus, if you already have a Glide and would like yours upgraded, message for instructions.

3. Satisfaction guaranteed. If you are unhappy with The Glide for any reason at all, you can return it for a 100% refund (minus shipping). 

4. Since this is a brand new and revolutionary instrument, for a limited time we are offering a free video lesson to every new Glide player to help them get started. This has greatly helped people wrap their heads around what this instrument is and how it is played.


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